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Space Age Living

Originally airing in the 1960s, the Jetsons depicted a future of modern convenience that would allow homeowners to free themselves from mundane tasks. While we still wait on our flying cars, some of these new smart home ideas can tide us over till that glorious day.

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Getting Your Garden to Grow

Monsoon rain brings a second spring to your growing season. According to, when planting during monsoon remember your ABC's, which include amaranth, beans, corn, and squash. The varietals do particularly well in short growing seasons, such as monsoon, and can take advantage of the added moisture delivered this time of year.

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Taking a "Statecation"

The beautiful thing about living in Arizona is the ability to take "statecations," or short road trips to unique towns near our major metropolitan areas.

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Heat Is On the Horizon

As our temperatures in the southwest trend northward, and 100 degree days loom on the horizon, it's important to be aware of air conditioning maintenance that can save you thousands this summer.

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Hiking in Hot Weather

The current climate in Arizona is perfect for hitting the trails whether it’s a day trip through Sabino Canyon to Seven Falls, hiking up Pinnacle Peak Trail in Scottsdale, or burrowing your way down south through Madera Canyon in Santa Cruz County. To make sure you’re ready for both spring and summer hikes it’s essential to properly plan, outfit yourself with the appropriate gear, and watch out for any health warning signs to keep your day of fun from becoming a potentially disastrous one.

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